Hawaiian Silhouettes

waikoloa sunset palm trees and silhouettes
A-Bay Sunset with Palms Trees, an Orange Sky and the Pacific Ocean
Highly contrasting situations landed themselves to photography of silhouettes.  On my recent trip to the Big Island I found myself gazing at a wonderful sense over "A-bay" in Waikaloa.  The palm trees clustered together in a way that allowed the sunshine to come between a couple of them.  Moving slightly to one side I was able to get the composition I desired.

The next artistic decision related to exposure.  If I decided to try to expose properly for the trees, the sunshine and the sky would be "blown out" white.  That would lose the beautiful colors of red and orange.  Instead I exposed for the sky and allowed the palm trees to simply go to black.

In another situation on the other side of the island, I did the same thing at sunrise.
Branches silhouette with orange sunrise big island hawaii
Pololu Silhouette at Sunrise

Hawaii Big Island: Sunrise at Pololu Overlook

pololu valley overlook sunrise hawaii
Pololu Valley Overlook Sunrise
Watching the glowing ball of sunlight rise from the flat ocean is a wonderful experience.  Everyone ought to see an ocean sunrise.  While visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, I used a very helpful tool to figure out whether Pololu Overlook would be a good or bad sunrise location.  SunCalc is a tool that shows the position of the sun at any time of day on any day of the year.  I checked it out for January in the Big Island and found out the sun would rise just left of the landmass.  Therefore, I felt confident this would be a great sunrise location with the alignment of the Kohala Cliffs and the glowing sun.  Enjoy.

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pololu valley sunrise big island hawaii
The Wider View:  Pololu Valley sunrise