Oasis in the Desert: Travertine and Ferns

little Jamaica springs in the Arizona desert
Desert Spring and Small waterfall
Desert Springs is a natural spring in the Arizona desert.  It is a small area surrounded by very little growth.  Despite its closeness to a major interstate, it remains mostly hidden.  As a local I heard about it from an acquaintance.  I spent my morning visiting this beautiful location.  Nobody was there when I came but it clearly gets some use in the summertime.  Several sandbanks built around the outside created a lovely pool.  That part is artificial.  However the ferns, the travertine and the beautiful greenery are natural beauties.

There is limited room for maneuvering.  Water also is a problem when combined with electrical equipment such as a digital camera.  Using a wide-angle lens, I was able to try several compositions.  The one featured above is my favorite.  I tried to capture the waterfall, the hanging stalactite-like structure and the beautiful ferns and pool all in one photograph.

Lake Powell Landscape Photography

sunrise at Lake Powell over the water
Sunrise near Face Canyon, Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a place for recreation but also incredible beauty.  It remains controversial of because of the Glen Canyon dam which is really beyond the scope of my power.  As a visitor to Lake Powell, I did enjoy the beautiful combination of water, sandstone cliffs, clear skies.  One challenging thing about Lake Powell is the changing water level.  What is present in one year is not necessarily going to be there the next year or even the next week because the water level will go up and down depending on the amount of rain in the Colorado mountains.  As a photographer, I found my best pictures by walking around, looking at the land very carefully and trying to find interesting aspects of each visit.

Sometimes I get lucky and a rainbow will appear right in front of me.  Other times I do a lot of walking.  This last year I found a wonderful curve in the cliffs that formed a perfect S.  The S-curve is considered a thing of beauty in visual arts and I took several pictures of this to hopefully capture the right idea.  I also spent some time walking along the sure and found a collection of broken sandstone tablets.  I have visited this area at sunrise to get the beautiful morning light in one of my favorite pictures from Lake Powell.  

Please enjoy
Rainbow over Lake Powell
Rainbow over Gunsight Butte, Lake Powell
Puzzle pieces of sandstone at sunrise
Sandstone curve and water of Lake Powell
Natural Curves of Lake Powell