Snow Canyon State Park: Sunrise

Snow Canyon White Rocks, Utah
Snow Canyon State Park:  Sunrise
Snow Canyon State Park in southern Utah is close enough for me to visit at sunrise without really disrupting my weekly routine.  Landscape photography could not be much easier than that.  I found a new location and this wonderful part that is an excellent sunrise spot.  Light is wonderful here.  There are so many different colors in the sandstone.  In my chosen picture above, the sandstone right in front of the camera has a light pink color in it.  The cliffs in the mid-ground have rich golden tan color.  The distant cliffs are red rock, very characteristic of this area.  Being able to capture all these different hues of rock with the morning light barely touching each one of them is unique.  That's what makes this spot very special.  Please enjoy.

3 Bears Falls in a Rainstorm

Road to Hana waterfall Upper Waikani
Upper Waikani Falls during a rainstorm.
On my second trip to Maui, I visited the lovely city of Hana once again.  On this trip, the rain was falling a lot more.  We had more cloudy days, more use of the windshield wipers and less time getting a tan at the beach.  I was curious to see what the waterfalls would be like on the road to Hana.  I have seen some photographs of them during severe floods:  severe brown massive waterfalls causing destruction.  When I arrived at the picturesque 3 bears waterfall, I was surprised that it did not look more wild.  The image was pretty tame.  In this photograph, I try to capture the highest waterfall above.  You can see it through the trees.  When it is not raining, it is much harder to see and I really did not appreciate it on my first visit.