Bolzano, Italy

Bolzano Town Square
To get a taste of German heritage without leaving Italy, just drive north until you reach Bolzano.  This town is unlike any other I have visited in Italy.  You can still find gelato but the pasta and pizza had been replaced with pretzels and sauerkraut!  (As an aside, I learned that Europeans have pretzels without mustard.  I've grown accustomed to spicy mustard with my pretzel and had to go without here.)

The town square is definitely worth checking out.  It is named after a local Protestant hero by the name of Walther.  His square is called Waltherplatz.  Next to this bustling plaza is the beautiful Gothic church, several restaurants including gelato stands and more.  A good time to photograph is in the early morning or in the late evening when the sun hits the statues, mountains and church spires.