Double Falls, Zion National Park

At the end of September I began a hike that I had planned on doing for several years: hiking up the right fork of North Creek in Zion National Park. This fork is adjacent to the more famous left fork, a.k.a. The Subway. The right fork is scenic in its own way but you work for your reward: 6 miles one-way hiking to reach the destination of Double Falls. This beautiful waterfall is part of a series of cascades coming off of slickrock. This is a perennial waterfall. While I was hiking in, I discovered a coyote following me, I came face-to-face with a raccoon and I discovered a very recent landslide which had created a very large pond where the trail had been. I decided to hike up the landslide and then descend back onto the trail farther along. This took a long time. On my way back, I chose to wade neck-deep to pass this obstacle.

Double Falls is beautiful, private, clean and perfect.  The main waterfall splits into two separate falls just above a lovely pool.  I spent 2 to 3 hours sitting around it, swimming, photographing. The pool is cool and clear but does have a good amount of moss.  That did not bother me a bit.  Quite refreshing actually.

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