More Pictures from Yant Flat

Yant Flat Utah at sunrise
Pebbles, Rocks and the Lines of Yant Flat
As I wandered around Yant Flat, I discovered more and more photo compositions.  This location is rich in potential.  It's pretty amazing to visit an amazing place like this and not have every great corner previously discovered by someone else.  I'm thinking of The Wave (Coyote Buttes North) when I say this.  That's an amazing place I've visited 6 times but I had to wander wide and work hard to shoot an original shot.  That is NOT the case at Yant Flat.  It's so new, so untouched that any shot may be the first time for this virgin rock.  So, enjoy some landscape shots of Yant Flat.
Utah hiking to Yant Flat
Red Dot of Yant Flat
Sweeping sculpted sandstone yant Flat
All part of Utah's Red Cliff Desert Reserve
Yellow sandstone hill with white and red stripes
Yellow Hill resembles a Shell
Yant Flat dead tree and sandstone hill
Dead Tree in Shape of Cross
Hiking around Yant Flat
Hiking around Yant Flat to discover many gems