Far Up Right Fork of Zion's North Creek there is an Oasis

Landscape photography in Zion Right Fork North Creek with pines trees and flowers and waterfall
Waterfall, flowers and redrock located in Zion's Right Fork of North Creek
Ever since hiking to Double Falls in 2011, I have wanted to return and explore further.  I made it happen this year and hiked all the way into the deepest part of the canyon possible without ropes, harnesses and such:  Barrier Falls.  While Barrier Falls is not particularly scenic, seeing the "Barrier" remains quite an accomplishment because the hiking here is so slow, rocky and wet.  The last mile is pure bushwhacking and bouldering.

Below Barrier Falls, this smaller and idyllic pool and waterfall are located.  The waters are cool on my legs.  I'd often wade up to my thighs and sometimes higher.  I loved the sound of falling water on the rocks and a breeze through the trees.  No other disturbances in this remote location.

I loved these little red flowers.  As I saw them, I wanted to include them somehow in a grander photograph of the surroundings.  Getting very low and very close to the flowers allowed me to frame plenty of the flowers in-line with the waterfall and a towering pine tree.

I knew keeping everything in focus would be impossible because some things were so close and others were so far.  I took 3 shots, focusing on the near points, mid-points and distant points each time.  Back home I merged these 3 shots in Photoshop to create an image that is sharp near to far!