Trail Report: Secret Zion Waterfall

zion remote swimming hole
Secret Waterfall, Zion National Park
Keeping secrets is fun if you know that your secret is highly desired by others.  I discovered a secret waterfall in Zion National Park and it is so much fun and such a wonderful find, that I have to post something about it.  However I will keep its location a secret.  What I will share is how beautiful it is.  I want to share the beauties of nature and how I can best capture it with photography.

This particular waterfall was reached after hiking several hours.  There is no trail.  There is no trail head.  It was simply a rumor.  I can say that along the way I saw several small fish in the stream, climbed over multiple boulders, crisscrossed from side to side of the water countless times.  The journey was mostly enjoyable.

As I was approaching the end of this hike, I saw the split waterfalls noted above.  My heart leapt with excitement.  I spent a couple of hours here taking a lot of photographs.  I also spent a little bit of time swimming and sliding down these waterfalls.  Very fun!  It's nice to be a serious photographer but also nice to have a little fun. 
secret southwest waterfall
Deep Drop

Desert Wildflowers

Ivins Utah wildflowers at sunset
Wildflower Sunset
A nearby location I have wanted to visit for a long time was the Red Mountain.  This is a landmark around St. George, Utah.  This spring we had prolific wildflowers.  After several days of storms, I hope to visit as the clouds were clearing.  I found a patch of wildflowers just at the right time, just before sunset.

Nautilus of Southern Utah

nautilus paria desert sandstone
The Nautilus, a wonderful sandstone formation
Up a short wash from the Paria River is an interesting white sandstone formation known as the Nautilus.  It is so named because of the curve it has back on itself.  It is very much like a seashell in shape and color, simply expanded in size.  Having never been here before, I arrived late in the day.  Light was disappearing quickly.  I took several compositions using my tripod for long exposures.  What really amazes me is the white sandstone.  This is very unique and stands apart from the orange/red tones of nearly everything else.  Sweeping lines drawing you in.  You can actually walk into this structure, go around the corner and up to the top.  Another wonderful discovery inside the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument!