Death Hollow Loop via Boulder Mail Trail: Trip Report

Death Hollow trail report
The big pool in the middle of a hike in Death Hollow is just one of the many highlights.  
Death Hollow is an equally challenging and rewarding backcountry experience.  I could say photographing Death Hollow is also challenging and rewarding.  Challenges include:
1.  The long miles of hiking
2.  The multi-day nature of this undertaking
3.  Coping with the ever-present water (dry bag for camera)
4.  Backcountry survival skills
5.  Trail finding on the first crucial day

But the beauty is there, mostly undiscovered and waiting for a man or woman with camera to come and record the wonders of this land and creek.  Because of the incredible things about hiking through Death Hollow, I dedicated a detailed post for each day in my previous posts.  Please see them for details.  

I would do it again.  My wife says she's glad to have done it but is not as sure she would repeat it, often using words like "hard" and "long" when explaining her verdict.  Her trip rating may be different than mine but I'm the judge on my blog so . . .

Gordon's Hike Rating
Hike Difficulty:              ★★★★★  Difficult and requires multi-day expedition
Trail Condition:              ★★  Good in many places, bushwhacking in others.  Cannot get lost if you
                                                  make it into the canyon.  The first day is critical.  
Trail Hazards:                 ★★★★  Steep descents, river crossings, slot canyon risk, poison ivy, car 
                                                  shuttle required, must purify water
Trailhead:                        Boulder Mail Trail at the Boulder Utah airstrip—backcountry sign-in box
Exit Point:                       Escalante Trailhead near Calf Creek and Kiva Koffeehouse
Time required:                Three whole days
Distance:                         21 miles for the whole loop
Off the Beaten Path:       ★★★★★ Yes, far off that path
Scenery:                          ★★★★★ all five stars for spectacular scenery
Photography Potential:   ★★★★★ five stars for amazing original location