Wildflowers Among the Lava Rocks

joe blake hill in arizona strip
Yellow Wildflowers growing among Lava Rock
Unexpected beauty in the bleak desert is the reward that "desert rats" have come to love.  On a Sunday evening I went out for a casual drive to Joe Blake Hill.  Never knowing what I would find, I got out and looked around.  In the peak of bloom these yellow flowers popped with color.  The black lava rock provides a natural dark contrast to the lovely yellow.  I adjusted my ISO to allow a quick enough exposure to prevent wind from blurring my flowers.  Then I composed my shot and pressed the button.  Sometimes I just don't know if a shot will be any good but I shoot with hope.  This was one of those moments. 

I believe there are several stages to photography.
1.  Planning the excursion.
2.  On-site photography:  composition and camera settings to capture the moment.
3.  Post-processing to polish and develop what I saw in step #2.

On this occasion I only saw the potential during step #3.  In the darkness of my digital darkroom the light sandstone mountains in the distance and the yellow colorful flowers came to life again for me and I recognized this valuable shot.  This was a wonderful discovery that seemed to drop into my lap without any great effort on my part.