Sandstone Monster: Freaky Beaked Creature

Coyote Buttes South strange sandstone figure
Stone Monster watches over the Desert
When stone imitate other things we call that a sculpture.  Some sculptures are natural and coincidental creature of nature while others are manmade.  These sculptures resembling reality are what gives the land our manmade names:  Rainbow Bridge, the Wave, Teepees.  Coyote Buttes South has a few sculpted sandstone figures that are named such as the "Control Tower".  I've heard of the "Witch's Hat" for the structure pictured above but from the side this looked like a creature with a long beak surveying all the desert for prey.  It's like an eagle or hawk but with a nightmarish lower body and bulk.
Gordon Smith's photo of the Control Tower in the desert
Control Tower at Coyote Buttes South
coyote buttes south wide vista
The wild sculpted desert